Comparing the Quality of Pernoil and Lyprinol.



FIGURE 1 Superoxide production by activated neutrophils. Superoxide production by neutrophils exposed to several concentrations of Lyprinol, P/O and acetylsalicylic acid is expressed as a percentage of the control (untreated) cells.

“All three showed a dose response pattern of inhibition. Compared with the control incubations all inhibitions were statistically significant.”

The above information is taken from a paper we have had published covering research done with Pernoil.

This was a test done in a laboratory to show how effective Pernoil is at inhibiting superoxide production in activated neutrophils --- or how effective it is as at controlling inflammation. The test was done using 3 different concentrations ( from a 1/1000 to 1/4000 dilution , which had to be done to get accurate readings for the test. ) for both Pernoil and Lyprinol,taken from capsules bought at a retail outlet.

They were compared with Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) which is a well known pharmaceutical anti inflammatory product --- it was diluted by 1/100  to 1/400.

So on the graph above the lower the height of the yellow bars the more effective the sample is. As can be seen Pernoil and Lyprinol have same effectiveness.   When Pernoil and Lyprinol are diluted by 1/1000 they are both 4 times more effective than Aspirin diluted by 1/100. So they are both 400 times more effective.

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