Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pernoil cheaper than the competition ?

We mainly sell online directly to you so there are no middlemen or high overheads which means we can pass the savings on to you. But there has been no compromise on quality.

There are products on the market which are made from mussel powder. While the powder will contain some oil, it is in very low levels. Pernoil has mussel oil extracted from powder , so the benefits are in a concentrated form , in very much higher quantities.

Payments – will I have to use Paypal?

  Paypal handles our payments so you are directed to their site for payments but you can still just pay with your credit card if you wish ( subject your particular credit card being one on the list shown). If you wish to use a credit card click the “ Don’t have a Paypal Account “ and you will see the normal credit card payment setup.

If you have a mobile device you will get a different page which has a very clear choice of pay with Paypal or with a credit card.

What about Sales Tax and Import Duties / taxes ?

Sales tax is determined in the country of receipt so whether you are charged sales tax is dependent on the country your goods are shipped to. For most individual orders with small orders there should be no sales tax or import tax. But if import taxes or duties apply they are not included in our price.

 For New Zealand customers the GST is included in the price.

How safe is our site to use ?

We are Alpha SSL certified. ( See the logo on the bottom of each page. Click on it to see the details) . This ensures that any information you supply is secure.