Anakiwa Gold™ Manuka Honey Lozenges


When you pop an Anakiwa GoldTM lozenge in your mouth its main ingredient Active 10+ Manuka Honey starts its soothing work. The well researched and effective antibacterial qualities present in Anakiwa GoldTM manuka honey lozenges offer relief for sore,dry or tickly throats, naturally.

This product is convenient , sweet, gentle and a possible safe alternative to antibiotics for sore throats for all members of your family.

Why is a lozenge more effective?

To maximise the potential healing benefit, manuka honey needs to spend time in your mouth and in contact with your throat. Sucking the lozenge slowly will achieve this and give the unique manuka honey’s antibacterial properties time to work. So they can be much more effective than liquid honey.

Laboratory tests by the Waikato Honey research Unit confirm the manufacturing process does not reduce the effectiveness of the antibacterial properties of the manuka honey.





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Each packet of Anakiwa GoldTM lozenges contains two blister pack trays containing 8 lozenges each. Each 2.8gm lozenge contains 90% manuka honey plus 10% maltodextrin to help keep the lozenge solid.

The lozenges can be taken as required. There are no known side effects or danger of over dose.


A packet costs US$7.00 plus shipping 

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Anakiwa Gold Honey LozengesAnakiwa Gold Honey Lozenges