Pernoil™ : The proven natural anti-inflammatory product for pain relief




Pernoil™ is an all natural, anti-inflammatory supplement containing an oil extracted from New Zealand green-lipped mussels (perna canliculus). Many studies have shown this oil is effective in controlling and reducing pain in a range of inflammatory disorders, including arthritis. A daily dose of Pernoil™ daily could restore your wellbeing, your life.

How does PernoilTM ( green-lipped mussel oil) work?

Simply put, Pernoil™ is rich in a fatty acid called eicosatrienoic acid - ETA (Mead acid) and other minor but important fatty acids. When we are healthy our body produces sufficient ETA to help suppress or prevent inflammation. When we are not healthy we need assistance to function well. Pernoil™ is a natural and effective additional support for a body under inflammation related stress.Click here for a much more detailed explanation and further studies discussing the use of mussel oil as a natural anti-inflammatory.


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Why use PernoilTM?

Significantly fewer side effects

If you have used pharmaceutical NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) in the past you may be familiar with some of the unpleasant side effects that can occur. Pernoil™
is a natural anti-inflammatory mirroring or similar to part of the naturally occurring anti-inflammatory system already in our body. Unless you have a severe allergy to seafood it is
generally safe. Even if you do react to seafood it is more than likely you are reacting to the protein rather than the oil which is the basis of Pernoil™. For more information see our test positively positively comparing Meloxicam ( a commonly used anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drug or NSAID) with Pernoil™.

Significantly cheaper

We freely admit that the most well known brand of New Zealand green-lipped mussel oil on the market is not Pernoil™. However we have done our homework. We can confidently say our product is that well known brand’s equal in quality and effectiveness. We’ve done an independent, authorative test to prove it. (you can check it here: an independent, authorative test to prove it. (you can check it here: a comparison between Pernoil™ and Lyprinol ).

Where we differ is in price. You pay much less for equivalent effectiveness. Wherever you are in the world Pernoil™ is the cheaper option. Why pay more when you could save? You will be paying 40-50% less depending on where you live , after the first month.

You get 120 x 150mg soft gel capsules for just US$57/bottle plus shipping

   Each 150mg capsule contains:

    • New Zealand green-lipped mussel oil 50mg.
    • Virgin Olive oil 99mg
    • Vitamin E 1 mg

How long does the bottle last?

One bottle is about one month’s supply. The recommended dosage is four capsules. Take two morning and night with food for six to eight weeks after which you may reduce the intake depending on the response. It is important to take the capsules regularly to build and maintain your fatty acid levels.

About the ingredients

Pernoil™ combines the green-lipped mussel oil with virgin olive oil, which has similar but weaker anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E is added to protect the quality of the oils. Pernoil™ is contained in a soft gel capsule made from gelatin , glycerine and sorbitol syrup.

Pernoil™ – Helping you live the good life, naturally.

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