1. " I had read in a British magazine about the benefits of NZ green-lipped mussel extract for osteoarthritis but had no idea how to source it locally.  When given a supply of Pernoil to try it took a couple of weeks to be fully effective but then relief thereafter was amazing.  From acute leg pain, from osteoarthritis, with any movement, I became able to walk, climb stairs, drive and turn in bed with ease.  The fact that, having run out of the supply, the pain has slowly, but inexorably, returned proves that the Pernoil has been responsible for the almost pain-free period I have enjoyed."
Sue (aged 57).


2. I have worked in construction jobs for most of my working life. The joints in my legs , especially, were becoming sore and stiff when I got up in the mornings. Taking Pernoil regularly for a few months now has resulted in huge relief from the soreness in the joints. It certainly makes life easier.

 Murray.  NSW. Australia