Where and how is PernoilTM is made ?

The mussel oil in PernoilTM is extracted from green-lipped mussels grown on acquaculture farms in the pristine waters of New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds. All aspects of their production are strictly controlled by New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries who also act on behalf of the USA and European authorities to ensure everything is in accordance with their conditions for sale of shellfish into their respective markets.

The mussel oil is extracted from powder produced from fresh mussels, either on a roller drier or a spouted bead drier. The powder is produced within three hours of the start of the whole process. Both the powder and the extracted oil are produced in New Zealand licensed factories in accordance with New Zealand government approved processes and standards. Each batch of oil undergoes quality control testing at independent New Zealand government-owned laboratories using internationally recognised methods. It is then encapsulated, bottled and sealed in a GMP registered factory.

Effectiveness of PernoilTM ?

Both green-lipped mussel oil and fish oil contain effective anti-inflammatory compounds. Green-lipped mussel oil's point of difference appears to be the presence of ETA (eicosatrienoic acid or mead acid) which is present in green-lipped mussel oil in relatively high levels. ETA is found in the human body and is in effect one of nature's key anti-inflammatory compounds. 

A more detailed biochemical explanation of green-lipped mussel oil's mode of action is given in the "Science behind Pernoil" section for those who are interested.

We have had Pernoil independently tested by the University of Otago Bioactivity Unit against the major existing product on the market, Lyprinol, using aspirin as a standard marker. The results illustrated in the following graph (click here) show PernoilTM and Lyprinol have equal anti-inflammatory properties and they are both significantly stronger than aspirin.

We also contracted the Univerisity of Otago Bioactivity Unit to do a trial to test the efficacy of PernoilTM at three different levels, using Meloxicam (a commonly used strong anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical product) as a comparison. The results show that Pernoil has no toxic effects, that it has a positive anti-inflammatory effect and it's effect is comparable with Meloxicam. The mid dosage level of the range tested is the equivalent of the intake recommended for PernoilTM and it was shown to be in the optimum range of effectiveness.

Both the above trial results were written up in a scientific paper, peer reviewed and published (click here).

But the ultimate test of whether PernoilTM will be effective for you is to try it yourself and see whether it alleviates the health condition from which you are seeking relief.